19 Commits (master)

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  Bernard Martis bae0175dce Comment code and update user documentation 1 month ago
  Bernard Martis c97265aa00 Use LibreSSL on MacOS 1 month ago
  Pete Woods b7c0dad242
Remove mapfile use 1 month ago
  gustavo panizzo c3467c9760 warn macos users about the need to install openssl 6 months ago
  gustavo panizzo 41c8369e8d use whatever bash is first on the $PATH 6 months ago
  s2 0722e8d355 remove debug output 8 months ago
  s2 817fc44da7 silence ssh-keygen 8 months ago
  gustavo panizzo b79df269c8 fix shell redirection bug 8 months ago
  gustavo panizzo f28a78ff82 change the padding to oaep 8 months ago
  gustavo panizzo 845ad71fc4 convert newer ssh keys to a format that openssl can understand 8 months ago
  gustavo panizzo c56978f9fb add support to automatically pull ssh keys from github handles 8 months ago
  s2 63ac438831 use pbkdf2 since it is available in new versions of openssl 11 months ago
  s2 82fe18f321 make sshenc.sh executable 11 months ago
  Shahzaib Sheikh f4127b7282 Fixes "no valid decryption key supplied" issue when encrypted text/key is longer in length 11 months ago
  s2 7524cf078a use $me instead of basename, so it works better when it comes from stdin 1 year ago
  s2 6cc79ed5b4 don't write empty key tag 1 year ago
  s2 280168b820 support binary files 1 year ago
  s2 d90c21037c set me to sshenc.sh 1 year ago
  s2 a0fcd1eae6 rename sshencdec to the shorter and nicer sshenc 1 year ago
  Sutra Zhou 04f57f6ec9 Fix for BSD-style mktemp. 1 year ago
  s2 9bc5ef06cc typo 3 years ago
  s2 0d22298137 typo 3 years ago
  s2 2d86304f3a wait for plaintext to be available before outputting cypher 3 years ago
  s2 946378e239 allow multiple ripients 3 years ago
  s2 99ae700234 make it work on windows 3 years ago
  s2 797c482cd2 add quotes 3 years ago
  s2 fccea4ac99 use symmetric encription 3 years ago
  s2 5738678d3c documentation 3 years ago
  s2 b3573ed635 initial commit 3 years ago