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  s2 f7e565bcc7 1.1.3 2 months ago
  s2 f82de05f4b throw exception if string is not selected length 2 months ago
  s2 94f2eadf63 1.1.2 11 months ago
  s2 394d13d5a7 1.1.1 11 months ago
  Mark Stosberg a6dc243138
Clarify that the default char set returned is base64 encoded 11 months ago
  s2 cb6bbee3b1 add one more test 2 years ago
  s2 0259480474 just a newline 2 years ago
  s2 9fa7f94d57 update package version 2 years ago
  s2 5ecefd381c 1.1.0 changelog 2 years ago
  s2 50ae45ebd6 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/mrsangrin/secure-random-string into mrsangrin-master 2 years ago
  Sandro Ariel Gómez Araya 1c0fec2544 Adding new contributor 2 years ago
  Sandro Ariel Gómez Araya 6ef11ca1c8 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:mrsangrin/secure-random-string 2 years ago
  Sandro Ariel Gómez Araya e91153d961 Fix error in options name 2 years ago
  s2 275814d49a just nerdy whitespace stuff 2 years ago
  Sandro Gomez 86caee2274
Merge branch 'master' into master 2 years ago
  Sandro Ariel Gómez Araya 31839fea0b Improve Readme and code stylign 2 years ago
  s2 4689347480 fix source files to be compliant with .jscs rules 2 years ago
  s2 a3cef28167 add jscsrc file so it's easier to contribute code 2 years ago
  Sandro Ariel Gómez Araya a1174300a8 Add alphanumeric option to generate token without non-alphanumeric chars 2 years ago
  Mark Stosberg 00fa92269e Mention urlsafe removal int he Changelog. 4 years ago
  s2 645d64b940 remove useless urlsafe: false option 4 years ago
  s2 9a72a2cfe2 make urlsafe the default 4 years ago
  s2 f4c0783cfd add err to async example 4 years ago
  s2 f82819850e whitespace and ; 4 years ago
  Mark Stosberg 1cc664c4fa 1.0.0: Add sync API and update async API to pass error to callback as the first argument. 4 years ago
  s2 3358bf21fc whitespace 4 years ago
  S2- 6d46d068cc Merge pull request #1 from markstos/add-sync-api 4 years ago
  Mark Stosberg 29d8022005 Add section on error handling to README. 4 years ago
  Mark Stosberg a1cab50548 Add support for 'sync' API. Updates code, tests and docs. 4 years ago
  Mark Stosberg 350fd45086 Refactor: encapsulate code that will be shared with the sync version. 4 years ago
  s2 327ba5fa09 bump version 5 years ago
  s2 de3c06d844 rename module 5 years ago
  s2 7f2802fac8 add urlsafe parameter 5 years ago
  s2 25af4ef420 add urlsafe parameter 5 years ago
  s2 e343e69895 change api. i don't know what i was thinking. 5 years ago
  s2 1431f890a0 fix license & tests 5 years ago
  s2 c9dec516c7 add readme 5 years ago
  s2 20def6c189 initial commit 5 years ago