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  Bernard Martis bae0175dce Comment code and update user documentation 1 month ago
  Bernard Martis c97265aa00 Use LibreSSL on MacOS 1 month ago
  Pete Woods b7c0dad242
Remove mapfile use 1 month ago
  gustavo panizzo c3467c9760 warn macos users about the need to install openssl 6 months ago
  gustavo panizzo 41c8369e8d use whatever bash is first on the $PATH 6 months ago
  s2 0722e8d355 remove debug output 8 months ago
  s2 817fc44da7 silence ssh-keygen 8 months ago
  s2 1424021a2e fix readme newlines 8 months ago
  gustavo panizzo b79df269c8 fix shell redirection bug 8 months ago
  gustavo panizzo f28a78ff82 change the padding to oaep 8 months ago
  gustavo panizzo 845ad71fc4 convert newer ssh keys to a format that openssl can understand 8 months ago
  gustavo panizzo 53d26c4163 update the README.md with the new functionality 8 months ago
  gustavo panizzo c56978f9fb add support to automatically pull ssh keys from github handles 8 months ago
  s2 c3ebbbfa06 add sshenc-pre1.1.1.sh to tests 11 months ago
  s2 eed415d7b2 add more tests 11 months ago
  s2 6de058b2da openssl 1.1.1 - this introduces not backward compatible changes :( 11 months ago
  s2 63ac438831 use pbkdf2 since it is available in new versions of openssl 11 months ago
  s2 61c63ef70e refactor test 11 months ago
  s2 a7c3e85125 add a test with multiple pubkeys 11 months ago
  s2 82fe18f321 make sshenc.sh executable 11 months ago
  Shahzaib Sheikh f4127b7282 Fixes "no valid decryption key supplied" issue when encrypted text/key is longer in length 11 months ago
  s2 ba04e9f548 resize logo 1 year ago
  s2 bb03be55c6 remove double header 1 year ago
  s2 11a75fed04 logo 1 year ago
  s2 7c3b7675fa don't use `fetch`, so google maybe can render the page 1 year ago
  s2 a9c8947cef curl instead of wget 1 year ago
  s2 9b25ede786 dede 1 year ago
  s2 7524cf078a use $me instead of basename, so it works better when it comes from stdin 1 year ago
  s2 6cc79ed5b4 don't write empty key tag 1 year ago
  s2 928d45a383 make subtext bold 1 year ago
  s2 c83123b09a typo 1 year ago
  s2 c396aff4ca load bootstrap from cdn 1 year ago
  s2 97ac513122 nicer homepage 1 year ago
  s2 5754c5cdf3 add readme 1 year ago
  s2 280168b820 support binary files 1 year ago
  s2 a365fe6cc8 document openssl dependency 1 year ago
  s2 f980cd28d0 remove remote alias instrucions because most people think this is insecure 1 year ago
  s2 d90c21037c set me to sshenc.sh 1 year ago
  s2 ee4b951a70 green ribbon 1 year ago
  s2 3f396a28b4 point readme instructions to website 1 year ago
  s2 5c602b3e4f typo 1 year ago
  s2 eeb0ef5633 install instructions 1 year ago
  s2 9a966e99b4 better instructions 1 year ago
  s2 590f54717f add license 1 year ago
  s2 24d5b75065 fork me on gh 1 year ago
  s2 dedabb77cd fix more references 1 year ago
  s2 ab6ea06921 a dec too much 1 year ago
  s2 a0fcd1eae6 rename sshencdec to the shorter and nicer sshenc 1 year ago
  s2 68212e098c update readme to reflect homepage change 1 year ago
  s2 5c2b4c4989 homepage 1 year ago